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Learn , Share and Collaborate

Major Events International (MEI)'s 5th UK Events Summit is going to be held on the 26th October in association with Cube International.

This summit is designed to build on the success of the February Summit and, now that the industry is back up and running, we are looking to help accelerate the momentum. To do this MEI want to bring together event organisers of all varieties, as well as rights holders, host cities and government representatives to learn, share and collaborate.

About Summit

Why Attend

Enhanced Market Profile

Our exhibition space offers the chance for you to get in front of key decision makers and demonstrate what you can offer.

New Relationships

Our super power is networking and this is the Summit for that. With our exhibitions and panels and speakers providing the opportunity to mix and meet the right people.

To get a taste on what our UK Events Summit is all about check out the YouTube video of Summit we held in February 2022.

UK Events Summit February 2022
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